Apink’s Eunji Addresses The Destructive Stereotypes That Older And More Experienced Idols Suffer

“We’re still very young, but we get treated like second-hand or used idols.”

In a recent YouTube upload of mu:fully, Apink‘s Eunji opened up about the destructive stereotypes that exist for idols who are older and more experienced.

While talking to Jamie, Eunji was asked if there was a moment she can never forget after she debuted with Apink.

And the topic that followed was heavy.

Eunji confessed that last year up to this year was most memorable and that 7-year mark since Apink’s debut was difficult for all the members.

She explained,

You and I are still very young. But just for having been an idol for longer, we get treated like second-hand or used idols. They give you an expiry date. They often look at you as if you don’t have potential anymore. At first, you hear about the curse of having been active for so many years. But you could actually start being conscious of that and make it reality.

— Eunji

Eunji also added,

Apink had a lot to think about regarding what concept to go for when we reached our 7th year since our debut. If you go with the same concept, people criticize you for not changing. And if you try something knew, they tell you your past concept was better.

— Eunji

Eunji was born in 1993, meaning she’s only 26 years old. However, Apink debuted back in 2011, and not only did they overcome the so-called “7-year-curse”, but they’re on their 9th year together and still going strong.


Check out Eunji’s full confession below:


Source: Insight

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