Apink’s Son Naeun Shows Of Her Unrealistic Body In A Bodysuit And More For Jimmy Choo

She ate it up.

Apink‘s Son Naeun recently flaunted her hot-to-trot body in a series of photos for the brand Jimmy Choo. She slayed as part of a featured shoot between the luxury shoe brand and W Magazine. In some behind the scenes photos she uploaded to her personal Instagram, she wore a tight-fitting bodysuit.

Netizens were left in awe of her amazing figure.

Later on, when the actual shoot photos came out, she stunned with her long limbs and svelte waist.

She mostly wore dark clothing so the shoes were up and center.

But for many fans, her face and body were the main attraction! Look at her waistline!

Naeun’s always been known for her trim figure but the shoot left fans wondering how she has maintained her body for over a century.

She’s never had weight fluctuations at all since her debut!

Not just that, but her body makes headlines every time she moves.

Even sitting down she looks fabulous.

We’d love to be her for a day!

This was from her initial rookie days with “My My”.

Her figure remained unchanging throughout the years.

| @marcellasne_/Instagram

Even during “%%” promotions a few years back, she boasted a slim frame.

| @marcellasne_/Instagram

Care to share some diet tips, girl?