Apink’s Eunji Gets Backlash After Giving Encouraging Words For College Test Takers

Some people weren’t happy with her words.

In South Korea, many third-year high school students are getting ready to take their college entrance exams. Apink‘s Jung Eunji decided to share some encouraging words with test-takers.

At KBS’ Cool FM “Jung Eunji,” which aired on November 15, the idol gave some advice to test takes across the country, which includes her younger brother. She said,

I think third year high school students, including my younger brother, are under a lot of pressure. The college exam isn’t everything in life. I’m a high school graduate but I’m still a good DJ.

Many criticized her for comments, saying that she didn’t have to do so if she were to say that the college exams aren’t everything in life.

  • “Could you have said that if you weren’t famous?”
  • “You’re a celebrity. Do you think this counts as advice?”
  • “It may not be everything in life, but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing either.”

Still, some people have voiced out their agreements with her, saying that SATs and college entrance exams aren’t everything. However, many agree that she didn’t have to say that, and she should have cheered the test takers on with pleasing words.

Source: TheQoo


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