Former T-ARA Areum Talks About Hwayoung On Live Stream

Former T-ARA member Areum used Instagram as a platform to respond to the recent accusations thrown against her. 

Areum recently created her own radio program, Tell Me Your Story Radio, through Instagram Live. In the latest upload, she briefly interacted with her fans and answered a few questions, some of which were taken as a subtle jab at the controversy against her.

When a fan commented about a certain person being evil, she merely responded with, “She’s a bad person, but I don’t hate her.” Although she did not mention any names throughout the live stream, many of her followers assumed the comment was a jab at former T-ARA member, Hwayoung. She also discussed the downsides of anger and frustration and advised them to stop hating on others in order to live a happy life.

Areum also performed a few of her own songs for fans and even included a few T-ara songs. The personal account used during this broadcast was deleted soon after.

Areum has been personally responding to the controversy that resurfaced after Hwayoung’s recent appearance on Taxi. During her appearance with her twin sister, Hyoyoung, Hwayoung briefly discussed the bullying scandal that they were involved in and brought up Areum in the process.

Areum has issued a few statements to clarify her involvement since.