ARMYs And The Members Can Always Tell When BTS’s Jungkook Is Lying

Here are 3 ways to tell.

What happens when you know your idol too well? You’ll know when they’re lying of course! ARMYs can always tell if BTS‘s Jungkook is lying, especially during games. There are just a couple of signs you have to watch out for. Continue reading to find out.

First, let’s take a look at when Jungkook isn’t lying. Here’s his face of true disbelief during a game.

He had been accused of being the culprit, and wrongfully so.

Whenever he’s telling the truth about being innocent, Jungkook’s eyes say it all.

However, there’s a few dead giveaways when he’s lying.

1. His eyes

Jungkook is so honest that it’s obvious when he’s lying. A tell-tale sign is that he’s not able to meet the eyes of the members.

2. His giggles

During a game, whoever touched their googles would be shot at with water. Jungkook realized this early.

After finding out, he enjoyed being shot with water so much that he kept touching his goggles on purpose. His giggles at confirming his theory were everything.

Of course, when his hyung found out, he immediately denied it.

See how he avoids their eyes again?

3. Running away

When nothing works, run! Jungkook quickly ran away after being found out.

Not that it stopped the hyungs though!

He even ran into the hot tub to hide.

There you have it! The members and fans know Jungkook so well that he can’t hide a thing from them. Better luck next time, Jungkook.

Source: theqoo


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