ARMY Think Jungkook Should Be A Running Back After His Touchdown In Chicago

He should be expecting a call from the Chicago Bears.

BTS held one of the Chicago legs of their Speak Yourself world tour on May 12th at Soldier Field. Jungkook proved to ARMY that he has even more skills on top of his already impressive list.

After V asked Jungkook to “make a touchdown”, the maknae decided to channel his inner Chicago Bear and hunched over in the quarterback position. He then walked over and grabbed a discarded face towel to use as a proxy for a football.

He yelled “Let’s go” into his mic and initiated a run that would impress the NFL’s best running backs. He dashed around six of his fellow BTS members to score a touchdown at the opposite end of the stage.

BTS’s attempts to lift the spirits of the crowd who was being drenched by rain created these cute moments which ARMY loves. BTS are continuing their Speak Yourself tour for the rest of May, June and half of July.