ARMYs Have Finally Solved The Mystery Behind BTS Jin’s Drawing In “Run BTS!”

Case closed.

ARMYs are finally understanding the drawing by BTS‘s Jin during a past episode of Run BTS! In episode 89 of the show, the members are playing a game of trying to guess the title of the song through drawings. After taking a look at Jin’s drawing, V raises his hand and answers, “Is it our next title song?” and has members laughing.

RM even states, “He’s crazy!” after hearing V’s answer. Although the ultimate answer for the drawing was  “IDOL,” some fans have figured out what could possibly be the true meaning behind his drawing.

Do you see anything familiar?

The drawing seems to resemble the lineup of their new title track “ON.”

Fans were shocked by this and couldn’t believe that this was an actual spoiler for their comeback.


Check out the episode yourself in the video below. (Start at 17 minutes to hear V’s answer!)

Fans are shocked at just how much time BTS has taken to prepare for this new comeback! It’s really no surprise that everything BTS does and says has meaning behind it.

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