ARMYs Praise BTS Jimin’s Performance In Saudi Arabia For Being Extra Amazing

He truly owned the stage that night.

BTS‘s Jimin always tries his best on stage and it shows in his flawless performances. ARMYs will never be able to choose one stage over another or call one concert better than the other; that’s for sure.


But his recent presence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia definitely has fans calling it one of his best nights, filled with magical moments and captivating performances…


… thanks to the visual, the talent, and the passion all coming into play, creating legendary GIFs like this one:


And this one:


And more:


While making noticeable arrangements to the group’s usual choreographies and performances to pay respect to local traditions, Jimin still managed to effortlessly wow the audience!


Fans could not be any more proud of Jimin for totally dominating another concert as he usually does…


… and for creating more unforgettable memories for ARMYs in Saudi Arabia and around the world!


Watch Jimin’s “Serendipity” performance that enchanted Riyadh, Saudi Arabia here:

Source: THEQOO