OVAN’s Agency Attacks K-Pop Idol Fandoms For Being “Just As Manipulative”, In Response To His Sajaegi Allegation

“It is ridiculous to blame OVAN for manipulating only because he is not as popular as BTS.”

On March 5, 2020, solo artist OVAN found himself getting heat from the internet’s growing suspicion of his potential chart manipulation — as his track “I Need You” soared to the top of Korea’s popular music charts like Genie, pushing out some of the biggest names inn K-Pop like BTS, IU, and Zico.

To the criticism, OVAN responded via his Instagram story that he had not manipulated the charts.

I don’t want to be hurt, and I don’t want to hate anyone. It’s not a lie. I’m sorry that I’m someone who is being doubted because I don’t deserve it. I’m sorry. But it’s really not a lie.


Unfortunately, even with OVAN’s effort to defend himself and clear his name, the internet continues to accuse him. And in the latest statement about the situation, OVAN’s agency, DCTOM Entertainment, disputed the accusations — by calling idol fandoms “equally as manipulative”.

The actual term Sajaegi (bulk-buying) means profiting from bulk buying things that aren’t necessarily used by the buyer. So… how is idol fandom behavior any different from sajaegi? Just because OVAN outdid these fans’ ability to buy out the chart, he deserves to be accused of manipulating the chart?

— DCTOM Entertainment

The agency continued to defend OVAN in an aggressive tone of voice against the allegations:

Genie Chart

We are aware that the criticism comes from groups that religiously believe this is the truth. Even though there is no evidence for the end result, you all want to believe we are the villains in this picture.

— DCTOM Entertainment

Finally, the agency mentioned a specific idol group and commented that the fans “must stop harassing the artist with hurtful words that could not possibly be repeated.”

Certain fandoms keep harassing OVAN with hurtful words that could not possibly be repeated here. OVAN is now asking us to help him ‘make it through this alive’. Please keep in mind that OVAN has been an established artist with his own career and accomplishments. One of the most offensive aspects of this entire situation is that people are accusing OVAN like he is some completely unknown rookie that manipulated his way to the top.

— DCTOM Entertainment

The agency added, “It is ridiculous to blame OVAN for manipulating only because he is not as popular as BTS.”

We didn’t drop the song on the same day as the other big name artists did. That’s a part of our marketing strategy. We wait until these influential groups’ tracks to slow down and release our new songs. It is not like we dropped the song on the same day BTS did and won against them. And It is ridiculous to blame OVAN for manipulating only because he is not as popular as BTS.

— DCTOM Entertainment

And to this sentiment, K-Pop fans are snapping back, commenting that fan streaming and bulk buying are fundamentally different because “Idol fans use the fans’ own money to listen to the songs while manipulators pay the agency’s money to play the songs on machines.”

  • “But streaming is when the users pay their money to listen to music. You are paying machines to play yours. Idol groups don’t pay idol fans to stream.”
  • “Blah… Blah blah blah. That’s what I hear. What do you even mean?”
  • “So you are admitting that you did manipulate the chart? That’s the logic here, isn’t it? Is this not along the lines of ‘Idol fans use their streaming phones too, so why are you only blaming us?’ Because that’s what this sounds like to me.”
  • “Try holding a stadium-wide concert and then we’ll talk.”
  • “But I wanted to pay my money to listen to the songs. I’m also human?”
  • “Idol streaming is done by actual people who pay out of pocket to listen.”
  • “Why is it that the people who get accused of chart manipulation never give a full comprehensive statement? It’s always asking for pity and blaming others. I understand that one sajaegi proven true means the end for everyone who did manipulate the charts, so I get the desperation… But have some decency.”
  • “Look at you dragging idol fandoms into this… Shows so much about you.”
Source: THEQOO and Topstarnews