This artist made beautiful stained glass art of EXO

K-Pop enthusiast Susan Kelly took a different approach to creating fanart by turning her favorite idols into stunning stained glass works!

Kelly draws her inspiration from the images of idols that are created by their companies and creates idealized portraits of various idols with the idea that they are seen as otherworldly and godlike by fans.

She uses traditional stained glass techniques and influence from “viewers’ preconceived notions about the religious history of the medium,” to create her works, which in turn create her thesis for why her work is done in stained glass.

” …many idols are held on such high pedestals that they are being worshipped as holy figures and stripped of their humanity.”

Susan Kelly

Kelly has held several solo exhibitions for her works with her most recent one centered around her favorite group, EXO. The show was titled (You Can Call Me) Monster and featured works inspired by many of the EXO members, and each one was unique in its own way.


This piece of Baekhyun was inspired by EXO’s “Monster” MV as well as his light power. / Source: Susan Kelly
Kelly standing with her stained glass portrait of Chanyeol. It’s almost as big as her! / Source: Susan Kelly
All of Kelly’s works are stunning, and this piece featuring Chen is no exception! / Source: Susan Kelly

EXO is not the only group that Kelly has captured in stained glass; she has also created works featuring Zico and Park Bom.

This stunning piece featuring Zico is entitled “Idolized.” / Source: Susan Kelly
Kelly depicts Bom as an angel in this beautiful work. / Source: Susan Kelly

Kelly’s skills are not just limited to stained glass. She has also created sculptures and spray-painted pieces!

This bust of Sehun is a true work of art!
This piece was also inspired by “Monster” and was created with spray paint!

Source: Susan Kelly

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