ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Has Been Making Himself Out Of Clay And The Results Are Hilarious

God is fair.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo has been busy over the summer, touring Asia for his Starry Caravan fanmeeting. During a fanmeeting, rather than performing, the focus is placed on interacting with fans through games and showcasing special segments. One of the fixed corners of the show had him making his own self-portrait using clay.

He tried his best to recreate his own beauty.

Fans had a blast watching him play with clay.

While his visuals are definitely carved by God, they also make it hard to recreate. Even someone as perfect as Cha Eunwoo couldn’t artify his own liking! He was given this cosy pictorial as a reference…

…but ended up with a clay figure that definitely did not do justice to his face.

| @intokmj/Twitter

At a different city stop, he tried to remake this ethereal photograph of himself lying in the sunshine.

| @intokmj/Twitter

At least he got the pose right.

| @intokmj/Twitter

During the Seoul leg of the tour, he tried to recreate this picture taken fishing in Cebu.

| @chaeunwoodaily/Twitter

We love the A+ effort.

| @chaeunwoodaily/Twitter

This is the final collections of his finest work!

We love the variety. At least we finally found the one thing that Cha Eunwoo can’t do perfectly. God is fair.


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