Who Catches His Eye? Here’s ASTRO Cha Eunwoo’s Ideal Type From Top Actresses

High standards for a high class man.

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo ‘s popularity is continually on the rise, especially after his starring role in the well-loved webtoon-turned-drama, True Beauty as well as the Island series. Although he has not mentioned any form of ideal type or so in more recent years, he’d been asked for his ideal type in years past.

This was a common question for idols back in the day. On HaeyoTV, the host asked JinJin what type of girl he feels suits Eunwoo. JinJin replied that Eunwoo would suit a kind and meticulous girl that takes good care of him.

Eunwoo shared that he would like a girl that likes him, and of course, he would have to like her back as well. He hopes the girl would smile often and be a wise person. During the interview, he chose actress Moon Chae Won as an actress that suits his ideal type and someone he wants to work with.

A few years later in 2018, Eunwoo returned to the screens after losing weight in order to fit his role as a chic and cold top star in Hit The Top. During an interview with SectionTV, he was given a list of actresses to choose for his ideal acting partner.

Between Suzy and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri, Eunwoo chose Suzy. Between Park Bo Young and Kim Yoo Jung, he chose Park Bo Young.

Ultimately, he chose Suzy over Park Bo Young as an actress he’d like to act in a romance drama with. In a past “ideal type world cup” however, he also chose Shin Min Ah over Kim So Hyun.

The interviewer had to ask him to chose between Shin Min Ah and Suzy! Although he chose Shin Min Ah in the end, he mentioned that he would love to act in a historical romance with Shin Min Ah and a fresh, school drama with Suzy!

The man has great taste! We hope to see Eunwoo in more amazing dramas in the future.


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