ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Revealed The Cute Way He Stays Warm During Cold Shoots

His method was unexpected but clever!

During the behind the scenes footage for ASTRO‘s “ONE” music video, Cha Eunwoo revealed the cute way he stays warm on cold sets.

| ASTRO/YouTube

There’s not much idols can do to battle the cold from shooting early morning or late night aside from putting on a jacket in between scenes and using a hot pack. So that’s exactly what Eunwoo does, but he has an extra little trick on how to stay warm: it’s all about the placement of said hot packs that can make a difference.

He cleverly put them in pockets on the inside of his jacket! But he had one more secret location that made us all laugh: in his pants.

It’s certainly an ingenious location!

Source: Feature Image


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