ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Seized His Chance To Tease Sanha After The Maknae Asked If He Was Cute

Eunwoo couldn’t resist teasing Sanha:

There’s absolutely no doubt that ASTRO‘s Sanha is a true maknae on top. His hyungs are always showering him with lots of love and can’t help spoiling him a bit either! Just because they do so, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t love to tease him too.

During an episode of ASTRO PLAY, Cha Eunwoo was given the opportunity to tease his maknae just a little bit and simply couldn’t resist!

| @ddana_yoon/Instagram

After Sanha had grabbed Eunwoo’s attention, the two quickly sweetly sent out lots of compliments to each other with Sanha commenting on Eunwoo’s handsomeness and Eunwoo complimenting Sanha for always being so cute.

Sanha: When I was getting my makeup done, I saw the old and new pictures of Eunwoo fans had uploaded. Wow…he was… He was so good looking even back then.

Eunwoo: Sanha’s always so cute! Always cute.

The conversation soon turned to whether or not Eunwoo had watched the 00s special stage. The 00s (also known as the BBangBBangs) are a collaborative unit made up of Golden Child‘s Bomin, Stray KidsHyunjin, AB6IX‘s Daehwi, and Sanha aka the 2000 BFF line!

Of course, I saw it! I’m 00s’ number one fan!

— Eunwoo

Establishing his status as their number one fan, Eunwoo couldn’t help gushing over their stages, fondly remembering the time they performed GOT7‘s “Just Right”.

When they performed ‘Just Right’… It’s a song that I really like and their performance was so cute that I watched proudly.

— Eunwoo

Hearing his hyung’s praises, Sanha asked which member of the unit was the cutest. Although Sanha may have been expecting Eunwoo to say his name — especially after he’s said how cute the maknae was a few minutes earlier — the question sparked Eunwoo’s mischievous side. Not one to waste the opportunity, Eunwoo decided to have a little fun!

Hmm… Who was it? Hyunjin and Bomin and Daehwi. Those three were so cute.

— Eunwoo

Bursting into laughter, Sanha tried changing tactics. If he wasn’t the cutest, that must mean he was the most handsome member, right? Well, Eunwoo wasn’t quite done teasing Sanha just yet!

Sanha: Oh, then was I handsome?

Eunwoo: Who else was there on stage? Were there other people?

Despite all his teasing, Eunwoo’s big smile every time Sanha laughed said it all! We all know that Eunwoo really can’t resist Sanha’s cuteness, even if he loves to tease that he can! Watch the full adorable moment for yourself below: