ASTRO Reveal Who They Thought The Most Fashionable Member Was, And They Spilled The Tea

It shows how close they are!

When it comes to K-Pop groups, the crucial part of their success comes from the chemistry between the members and how they interact. Sometimes, it is as important to be able to have fun with your group as well as creating and performing amazing music!

One of those groups whose chemistry fans can’t get enough of is ASTRO! Although they are all different ages, the members work well together and have fun off-stage!

Members of ASTRO | @ASTRO_Staff/ Twitter

The oldest members of the group, MJJinJin, and Eunwoo, recently sat down with ESQUIRE Korea after the release of their latest song. During the interview, the members answered some questions from fans, and one of them was, “Who is the most fashionable person in your group?

Being the eldest member, MJ had an answer that was mature and made sure that all of the group were praised for their unique style choices.

I think now, we have all obtained a different fashion sense. So it’s not easy to pick one person in particular.

— MJ

Yet, despite trying to be balanced, Eunwoo was having none of it, adding, “It’s definitely not MJ hyung. People who answer like that aren’t very fashionable.”

JinJin then pointed out that he thought fellow member Moonbin would probably have answered similarly to MJ, and Eunwoo took the chance to spill some tea about his member’s fashion choices!

Moonbin and MJ don’t really care much about fashion. JinJin, Sanha, and I had an interest in fashion.

— Eunwoo

Although JinJin and Eunwoo both agreed that these members might not have much of an interest in fashion, there is no denying that all of the members have their own style. In particular, many AROHA (ASTRO fans) love seeing what MJ and Moonbin wear because many think it suits their bright and bubbly personalities.

Members of ASTRO | @offclASTRO/ Twitter

JinJin added that MJ and Moonbin had their own charms when it came to fashion and revealed what he thought each had that was special.

MJ is good at matching colors to his outfit when he has to dress up. Bin tends to ask, “Is this okay? How’s this?” to the members.

Even though Eunwoo joked about dress sense, there is no denying that this shows how close the members are because they can joke with each other. In the same interview, MJ also had some fun with Eunwoo after revealing that he would be a teacher if he wasn’t an idol.

Despite anyone’s thoughts, ASTRO always looks great in whatever they wear and are extremely close as members! You can watch the wholesome video below.


Source: ESQUIRE Korea