ASTRO’s MJ And Cha Eunwoo Are Great At English But Struggle With These Two Words

Despite the difficult words, they did an incredible job!

ASTRO recently held a fan meeting, GATE 6, to celebrate their six-year anniversary since their debut.

Although the fan meeting was rescheduled due to multiple members testing positive for COVID-19, ASTRO successfully held the fan meeting both online and offline on April 9th.

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In a behind-the-scenes video uploaded to ASTRO’s official YouTube channel, the members all showed off their English skills as they filmed the introductory video for the fan meeting.

ASTRO’s Sanha | ASTRO/YouTube 

Given the airline theme, the members pretended to be pilots and flight attendants on the airplane, flaunting their English skills to communicate with their global audience.

And while the members all have excellent English skills…

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | ASTRO/YouTube 

MJ and Cha Eunwoo were struggling to pronounce two words in particular.

At first, MJ was boasting about his ability to say the English line “Number three clear.”


But as he kept saying the line to the staff, he got adorably tripped up by the difficult pronunciation.

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But Cha Eunwoo encouraged MJ to try again and prove that he could pronounce the phrase.

| ASTRO/YouTube 

But even Cha Eunwoo couldn’t resist teasing MJ’s pronunciation, jokingly asking why the staff gave him the difficult number “three.”

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And MJ explains that he even gestured in the film to make sure fans would understand that he was saying the number three.

| ASTRO/YouTube 

MJ adds that saying “number one” or “number two” is incredibly easy. It’s just three that’s hard.

| ASTRO/YouTube 

And Cha Eunwoo adds that both three and four are hard numbers to say.

| ASTRO/YouTube 

But luckily for Cha Eunwoo, he was assigned number six, which MJ believes is “an easy one.”

| ASTRO/YouTube 

Even after they have finished filming their lines, the two are still dedicatedly practicing the pronunciation.

| ASTRO/YouTube 

But even after earning a compliment from Cha Eunwoo about his pronunciation, MJ can’t help but joke that it’s too late since they have already finished recording.

| ASTRO/YouTube 

Although maybe they struggle with pronouncing three and four, ASTRO definitely showed off their incredible English skills.

You can watch the video here.

You can read more about GATE 6 here.

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