ATEEZ Donates To National Disaster Relief Association Following Itaewon Tragedy

The group donated to a relief fund.

The week following the Itaewon Halloween Tragedy has been difficult for many. South Korea immediately entered a mourning period for the proceeding week following the tragedy, which postponed many events that were pre-planned. Multiple concerts were being held during this time and could not be postponed due to scheduling, so then continued on as there was no other option.

ATEEZ, in particular, held their second of two Seoul concerts the day after the October 29th tragedy, which led them to wear black ribbons on their arms, which symbolizes remembrance of mourning.

There have been multiple reports confirming that ATEEZ has also opted to donate 100 million won (~$71,219.49) to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association as a support for the Itaewon tragedy. The donation is to express their condolences to the victims and came from the earnings from their concert.

Though ATEEZ is quiet about their donations, this is not their first time participating in private charity donation.They have been secretly donating to various relief organizations such as Good Neighbors, Children’s Foundation, and UNICEF.

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