ATEEZ’s Family Members Went To Support Them At Their Concert And It Was Too Wholesome

The way they are close with each others’ families is peak friendship goals.

ATEEZ kicked off their world tour with a three-day concert in Seoul that had plenty of amazing moments that made fans go wild. One thing that had fans feeling really soft (and amused) was the fact that many of ATEEZ’s family members went to support the group.

| @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Fans claimed that Yunho, San, Jongho and Hongjoong‘s families were at the concert…

…where Hongjoong joked about how much ATINYs love his brother and hilariously suggested that it might be a little too much.

In fact, Hongjoong refused to say where his brother’s seat location was, joking about how ATINYs’ attention should be on him instead.

There was also a hilarious moment when the ATEEZ members were going around searching for Yunho’s little brother and screaming his name (or at least San was screaming)…

…while also teasing ATINYs who were looking at their phones.

But it seems that, sadly, not all the members’ families were able to make it to the concert. But if one thing was clear, it was that all the members of ATEEZ really do have the most wholesome relationship with each other’s families. In fact, it was touching to see the members get emotional when listening to the others talk about their family. Seonghwa, for example, got emotional when San talked about his grandfather, while Wooyoung got emotional listening to Yeosang talk about his mom.

As this was the first offline concert the group has had in two years, it makes sense that things would get a little emotional. But the fact that their friendship is so sincere, to the point where they are close with each others’ families, is extremely heartwarming. Congratulations to ATEEZ on their successful (and emotional) first concert in the world tour! They are making their families and ATINYs proud!