ATEEZ Fans Have Mixed Reactions To A Recent Fan Sign Situation

Fans were not happy with the recent fan-sign events.

A recent incident at an ATEEZ fan sign in New York has ATEEZ fans upset with the organizers of their tour and fan sign events. During multiple stops on ATEEZ’s “THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL” tour, ATEEZ fans might have the chance to participate in an album signing with the members.

ATEEZ’s San | Steve Carlson/RIFF Magazine

This seems like a great opportunity for fans to get a quick chat and endless memories with their favorite K-Pop group, but fans are realizing this event is not what they had initially anticipated. This is not at the fault of ATEEZ, many fans have stated, but rather it is due to the poor organization of the company running their merchandise and fan sign events. During the New York fan sign event, an incident occurred that many fans were upset about, especially because it seemed like ATEEZ themselves were annoyed at the occurrence.

One fan recounted the experience via Twitter with videos and tweets explaining that while the event overall was enjoyable, the chairs the fans sat on were unstable and some broke while being sat on.

One of the chair legs someone was sitting on fell through the stage. It caused a bit of a topple and it was an unfortunate incident but everyone is okay as far as I know!


Though this might seem like a harmless mistake that could happen any time, fans were particularly upset because this incident had happened earlier in ATEEZ’s tour at a different fan sign, also due to organizers providing flimsy seating for fans.

Fans were upset at the lack of care towards fans attending the event, but they were also upset because ATEEZ members Hongjoong and Seonghwa seemed to be bothered by their fans being uncomfortable as well.

Overall, fans expressed that they loved seeing ATEEZ and were warmly greeted by the group, but the fan sign experience was less than expected due to the lack of proper seating!