ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Had The Best Reaction To Seonghwa’s Sexy Dance Move During Their Concert

Reaction king.

As ATEEZ continues their world tour in the United States, they also continue to bless ATINYs with some iconic and hilarious moments that will live on in our minds rent-free. And many of those notable moments consist of captain Hongjoong‘s funny reactions to things the members do—the most recent example being the double-take he did when he saw Seonghwa‘s hip thrusts in the middle of their concert.

Seonghwa (and all the members) were out there killing it with their looks…

…and their moves. But as they performed ATEEZ’s iconic B-side “To The Beat,” Hongjoong stopped for a second when he saw Seonghwa perform a classic sexy dance move, and his facial expression was priceless.

This reaction is hilarious, especially because it brings to mind recent memories in which Hongjoong also had the funniest reaction to Seonghwa and Yunho’s wildin’ at the beginning of this tour. First, it was to Seonghwa’s internet-melting shower selfie

| @hwaupdates/Twitter

and then to Yunho’s ‘feet’ picture in the bathtub, which, needless to say, sent fans into total chaos.

| @transforatz/Twitter

Hongjoong was jokingly critical of the pictures, as he wondered whether something in the water in America had set his members off.

His latest reaction to Seonghwa, which you can see more clearly in the clip below, continues the hilarious saga of ATEEZ members shocking their leader.

ATEEZ’s 2022 world tour, The Fellowship: Beginning of the End, has been a goldmine of amazing moments, both funny and wholesome, and we can’t wait to see what iconic moments it will produce next!