ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Hilariously Exposes Wooyoung For The Scary Amounts Of Sugar He Puts In His Afternoon Tea

It was meant to be an authentic English afternoon tea 😂

As ATEEZ continue their world tour, they have not only been gifting ATINYs everywhere with spectacular performances, but they have also been getting to know a bit about the countries they visit. While in the UK, Hongjoong and Wooyoung took the opportunity to enjoy an authentic afternoon tea—or at least, they tried to. Hongjoong hilariously couldn’t get over the questionable amounts of sugar Wooyoung kept putting in his tea.

| ATEEZ/YouTube

From the beginning Wooyoung already had Hongjoong concerned with the 4 sachets of sugar he poured into his not-so-big cup of tea.

| ATEEZ/YouTube

Naturally, there was some bickering over the matter, with Wooyoung insisting that this is simply his way of drinking tea.

Eventually, however, some hilariously honest admissions were made. Wooyoung confessed, “To be honest, I can’t eat formally,” to which Hongjoong mercilessly replied, “Yeah, you look like that.”

In fact, Hongjoong did not hesitate to further expose Wooyoung over the scary amount of sugar he puts into his tea by showing the remaining sugar in Wooyoung’s cup.

Even so, Wooyoung continued to pour several sachets into his tea…

…but when he tried to innocently comment on how much he liked the landscape and the vibes in the UK, Hongjoong hilariously dragged him again for his crazy sugar intake.

Ultimately they both agreed that afternoon tea was in fact rather a pleasant activity, and that they would like to do it again. Yet, it’s safe to say Wooyoung’s manner of enjoying afternoon tea is a little concerning—if Hongjoong’s reactions to his sugar intake are any indication!

Still, given their hilarious bickering dynamic, this hopefully won’t be the last time we see them having afternoon tea together!

You can watch the full video on the link below.


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