ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Is A Fashion Icon In His Own Right, But Here Is Who Inspired His Sense Of Fashion

Seems like Hongjoong was always meant to be a fashion king.

ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong is not only a talented rapper, dancer, and producer, but he has also mastered the art of fashion, evidenced by some of the great fits he’s shown off on ATEEZ’s Instagram.

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

Except Hongjoong does not take credit for his fashion sense—he attributes it to his mother instead. Hongjoong shared with fans through the global fandom platform UNIVERSE that, while he inherited his music sense from his father, he got his sense of fashion from his mother, as she owns a children’s wear shop and would often dress him up in nice clothes when he was a kid.

The result? Hongjoong’s fearless fashion sense, which ranges from the (expensive) comfy and casual…

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

…to cozy with a twist…

…to eye-catching preppy and casual.

Hongjoong is never afraid to experiment with his outfits, which reflects the artistic kind of upbringing he must have had. After all, he got into music because his father would play it every day, he became interested in fashion because his mother loved it, and he even followed in his brother’s footsteps and learned some contemporary dance! Additionally, Hongjoong also shared with fans that he had gone to see the exhibition held by one of his cousins, proving that the passion for art runs deep in the family.

This passion is noticeable in the way Hongjoong dresses. By always showing completely new and varied kinds of outfits, Hongjoong is expressing different aspects of himself, whether it’s his stronger side, like with the dashing black suit he wore for his birthday…

| @ateez_official_/Instagram

or his more comfortable, relaxed side.

We have to thank both Hongjoong and his mother for the inspiring creativity that Hongjoong brings to everything he does, whether it’s music, dance or fashion!



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