ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Finds His Inspiration In Movies — And Here Are Some Of The Most Amazing Results

ATEEZ are the masters of cinematic performances.

In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, the members of ATEEZ proved they really are like family by confirming that they have no current plans of splitting into sub-units. As for their sources of inspiration, some of the members had wholesome things to say, while Hongjoong’s answer was perhaps less than surprising: he’s inspired by his love of movies.

Mingi revealed that his inspiration is his members; he is always impressed by what the members are able to pull off in their performances—and if their 2022 tour has proven anything so far, it’s that he should be!

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Yeosang claimed that he finds his inspiration in working out at the gym. But Hongjoong claimed that he finds his inspiration in movies. The interview made note of how ATEEZ’s song “ROCKY,” for example, is the product of Hongjoong’s love of movies. The members even promised that they would run up to the top of the famous art museum’s steps when they finally visit Philadelphia!

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Fans probably won’t be surprised by Hongjoong’s source of inspiration, especially since they got a good look at his creative process during the survival show Kingdom: Legendary War. ATEEZ gave some truly legendary performances during their run, of which some of the main standouts were performances inspired by movies and TV shows. Their performance of “Symphony No.9 “From The Wonderland,” for example, was heavily inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, which Hongjoong binge-watched while brainstorming for ideas.

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And the result was iconic!

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Similarly, Hongjoong recreated some of the best moments from Netflix‘s La Casa del Papel (or Money Heist) in ATEEZ’s rendition of iKON‘s “Rhythm Ta,” which you can see in the van scene at the beginning of the performance.

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Although, imagery from the show is extremely prominent throughout the performance—from the heist concept to the show’s revolution plot.

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And of course we can’t forget ATEEZ’s performance of “ROCKY,” which resulted in a lot of minds being blown when Mingi lost his shirt and donned a robe in a truly memorable moment from ATEEZ’s 2022 world tour.

Given how far ATEEZ has come as artists it’s safe to say that the things that drive and inspire them are certainly working. The group has accomplished a lot, and their creativity really comes through in their powerful performances. And it seems like Hongjoong deserves a lot of the credit there! We’re ready for more awe-inspiring cinematic pieces by the masters of performance!


Source: Consequence of Sound