ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Asks For Staff And Stylists’ Hard Work To Be Recognized, Proving He Is A Truly Considerate Leader

He is a true role model.

ATEEZ‘s Hongjoong has made ATINYs proud by showing what kind of person he really is in a behind-the-scenes video of ATEEZ’s performance at the 2021 MAMAs—that is, a kind and considerate one!

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The leader of ATEEZ has always been known as a very thoughtful person, especially towards his members. Even before debut, Hongjoong was the most dedicated of leaders, showing how he never once took anything for granted.


In fact, he has proven on many occasions that he is an incredibly hardworking artist, boasting plenty of song-writing and production credits alongside his impressive work as a rapper, singer and dancer. But a look at what went on behind-the-scenes at the 2021 MAMAs shows that Hongjoong is not only hardworking…

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(so much so that even he had to admit it!)

…but also very conscious and considerate of the people around him. While they discussed how much there is to worry about backstage, the PD who was interviewing Hongjoong pointed out that fans only get to see the finished product without seeing all the hassle that goes on behind-the-scenes. Hongjoong agreed, saying that fans usually only get to see the final performance.

When the PD asked Hongjoong if they could reveal all that hard work that happens backstage, Hongjoong agreed, but on one condition: that the staff and stylists also be properly recognized!

The members of ATEEZ have all worked hard to get to where they are, but it’s incredibly touching to see how much they appreciate the efforts of their staff and stylists as well.

Fans know that all the members have great relationships with their staff, and it’s encouraging to see how ATEEZ never lose sight of that.

Hats off to Hongjoong for being the wholesome role model that he is! You can watch the video on the link below.

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