ATEEZ Mingi’s Sexy Performance Of “Rocky” Is So Iconic That Hongjoong Changed The Name Of The Song

ATEEZ really are their own biggest fans!

When ATEEZ went on tour in the US in early 2022, there were moments that felt truly unreal. One of them was when ATINYs got to see Mingi perform “Rocky” onstage, which was an experience that turned out to be difficult to recover from. In fact, Mingi so thoroughly owned that song, that leader Hongjoong revealed that he changed the song’s name in Mingi’s honor!

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Back in January, fans were left breathless when Mingi gave an inspired performance of “Rocky” while dressed in a boxer’s robe.

And since it had been a long time since Mingi showed off his abs, the moment he opened his shirt was a truly memorable one for ATINYs.

Talking at the GRAMMY Museum on February 8, the members discussed what each of their favorite stages had been during the tour—and obviously they couldn’t help teasing Mingi about what his favorite song must be, with San joking that it must be “Rocky.”

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Mingi, however, surprisingly did not go for that. But, ever the supportive bestie, Yunho did! ATEEZ were happy to hype up Mingi and his “Rocky” performance.

In fact, Hongjoong even revealed that he actually changed the song’s title, all because he believes Mingi is the true main character of the song.

Actually I changed the song’s title to “Mingki.” Because his name is Mingi, and that song’s main character is Mingi because he’s really hot in that stage. So that’s why I changed the title.

— Hongjoong

Hongjoong explained that the reason why he was able to change the title of the song is because he made it himself. The other members cheered for Mingi as Hongjoong spoke, with Yunho saying, “It’s Mingi’s song! Mingi’s song!”

Because I made the song, I changed the title to “Mingki.”

— Hongjoong

It seems like it wasn’t just ATINYs who found Mingi’s performance of “Rocky” truly iconic! Hongjoong and all the members proved they really are ATEEZ’s own biggest fans. “Rocky” is already considered by ATINYs to be one of the ATEEZ songs that most deserves a music video, and Mingi proved that it really deserved a title change too!

You can watch the clip on the link below.

Source: GRAMMY Museum