These Are The 10 ATEEZ Songs That Deserve A Music Video, According To ATINYs

These iconic bops have serious cinematic potential.

ATEEZ have made a name for themselves as some of the most impressive performers in K-Pop. While they have their own distinct sound and style, they have a varied discography that is guaranteed to have something for everyone. In fact, they have plenty of iconic songs that fans feel really deserve a music video of their own, as seen on this Twitter thread.

Based on fans’ opinions on Twitter, these are 10 of ATEEZ’s most iconic bops that totally deserve a music video!


1. “The Leaders”

One of the most popular choices, “The Leaders” is a great reflection of ATEEZ’s uniquely strong and powerful style. The badass vibes of the song would definitely make for a truly awesome MV.

2. “Take Me Home”

This song is a great blend of strong rap and vocals, and modern sounds with ’80’s style. Not only that, but it’s actually been named by ATINYs as one ATEEZ’s best songs. Imagine how that would translate to visuals!

3. “Precious”

Another immensely popular song among ATINYs, “Previous” would make for a great MV with its cool sound, yet contemplative vibes. It would be interesting to see what kind of concept they would use to interpret the thoughtful lyrics.

4. “Desire”

The irresistible vocals and fresh tone of this song would be sure to provide a fun and cool atmosphere for a potential music video. And it would be a great new look for ATEEZ too!

5. “Rocky”

Along with ATEEZ’s characteristic powerful style, this song would also make for a very cinematic MV due to the fact that it was inspired by the Rocky films. Additionally, fans would probably also like to see Mingi wear his boxer robe (with no shirt) again.

6.”Good Lil Boy”

Fans already got to see this song being performed, and it’s safe to say it left wanting more. From the Western vibes to the catchy tune, “Good Lil Boy” has got it all.

7. “To The Beat”

“To The Beat” is classic ATEEZ. With its flawless rap parts and effortlessly cool style, this song could easily make one of the most badass ATEEZ music videos, and that’s saying a lot!

8. “Mist”

While “Mist” is a departure from songs like “To The Beat” or “The Leaders,” a stylish blend of sounds and smooth, falsetto vocals give “Mist” its own unique feel that has a lot of potential for visual representation, as evidenced in this live performance.

9. “Win”

With its fast pace, impressively powerful choreography, fits that are sharp AF, and a concept that is already blended seamlessly into ATEEZ’s overarching mythology, “Win” is a no-brainer for an MV.

10. “Horizon”

What doesn’t this song have? Great choreography, great sound, strong energy, sharp looks. Watching an MV for it would be a treat!

Source: Twitter