ATEEZ’s Seonghwa, San, And Wooyoung Had A Chaotic Blast Playing With Slime

They even tried making their own from scratch!

Yesterday on ATEEZ‘s YouTube channel, a video was posted of members Seonghwa, San, and Wooyoung playing with slime, as well as them trying to make their own!

The boys were given six different slimes by slime maker Yang Dding, and their first challenge was to decide who got to play with which slimes.

They ended up needing to do rock paper scissors for the slime they all wanted: The melon daerong one.

Seonghwa ended up winning, and also chose a cocoa-scented slime, while Wooyoung ended up with apple mango sorbet and a pizza-like slime, and San got to play with a Yakult and bread-inspired slime and one scented like coke sorbet.

They were all immediately amazed by the realistic scents.

San, being the adorable kid that he is, was the most audibly excited over the slime, though the one he was playing with ended up getting a bit sticky!

Wooyoung got a bit… Aggressive with his slime.

And Seonghwa and San together wrote “ATINY” with theirs!

Next, the members used clear slime sent by Yang Dding and made their own unique types with the materials they were given.

San was confident in his skills, but Wooyoung didn’t share his confidence.

They each had something that had inspired them for their creations, and the results were so pretty!

Finally, they had the challenge of making slime completely from scratch. They started out carefully measuring at first, but Wooyoung ended up coming up with a “genius” plan for Seonghwa’s.

San’s and Wooyoung’s turned out pretty well, but Seonghwa’s wasn’t quite right, so they ended up calling Yang Dding herself for help!

With her suggestion of a little more activator, his turned out just fine!

In the end, the guys had a fun time playing with and making the slimes.

Watch the full video of the guys playing with slime below!


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