ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Reveals That BTS’s Jimin Is His Role Model, And Here’s Why


In the past, ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung has made no secret of how much he loves BTS, and ATINYs have even referred to him as one of the biggest ARMYs. From being able to cover BTS’s “Boy With Luv,” showing so much joy whenever their songs are played and fangirling over their 2019 MAMA performance, Wooyoung is the perfect ARMY.


Wooyoung recently had ATINYs swooning after he appeared in a video for Studio Choom as their “Artist of the Month.” During an interview following the release of the video, Wooyoung answered some questions about his career. In particular, one asked Wooyoung who his role model was.

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Alongside sharing his love for BTS, he has also made it clear how much he admires one member in particular: Jimin. Being such a huge BTS fan, it was no surprise to ATINY that Wooyoung picked Jimin as his role model!

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Yet, aside from his love as a fan, it seems as if Jimin also helps Wooyoung strive to be a better artist.

Our fans probably know I am an ARMY. I really like Jimin sunbaenim’s dance, and I try to copy him and study his dance. I still have a long way to go, but I thought, ‘Very cool, I wanna become an artist like him.’

— Wooyoung

| Studio Choom/YouTube

Although ATEEZ only debuted in 2018, the group has already gained popularity amongst fans for their unique and powerful performances. Like Jimin is a role model to Wooyoung, there will be many dancers who look up to Wooyoung for his amazing dancing skills that exude charisma, charm, and style.

Make sure to watch Wooyoung’s Studio Choom performance below!

Source: Studio Choom, FI and FI