ATEEZ’s Yeosang Proves Just How Accurate His First Impressions Of Seonghwa And Hongjoong Were

He didn’t know how right he was.

ATEEZ‘s time in the US so far has had fans laughing, and it’s had fans shook. It seems like all the members took turns doing a live with their hotel roommates, and while Seonghwa was not wildin’ in his live with Yeosang, they did have some cute moments in which they reminisced about the past.

More specifically, they talked about first impressions, and fans probably won’t be too surprised by Yeosang’s first thoughts about Seonghwa and Hongjoong, which turned out to be amazingly accurate!

According to Yeosang, when he first joined KQ Entertainment his first impression of Seonghwa was that he seemed very reliable.

A fan pointed out why Yeosang’s assumption was reasonable…

…so it makes sense that Yeosang asked Seonghwa a lot of questions when he first arrived. But, hilariously, Seonghwa had to tell him that he actually didn’t know anything either, since he was also new at the time. But that doesn’t change the fact that Seonghwa himself did prove to be a very considerate person!

When speaking of Hongjoong, Yeosang had the sweetest memory to share, saying that he’d been nervous on his first day, but that Hongjoong had sat with him at dinner and made him feel better—something that just screams leader vibes.

Yeosang also seemed to have the impression that Hongjoong would be a good leader…

…and he couldn’t have been more right! It brings to mind iconic moments from ATEEZ’s predebut show KQ Fellaz such as this one that prove how much of an attentive leader Hongjoong has always been.

Yeosang turned out to be completely right about both of his older members. Hongjoong has shown that he is the best leader by going out of his way for ATEEZ since the beginning. And even though Seonghwa was only there a few days before Yeosang and therefore couldn’t help him much at the time, he has shown himself to be a very caring member, and it’s clear that the others do find him very reliable. It’s really touching that Yeosang was able to perceive these great qualities in the older members on his first day!

You can watch the full live stream below.