ATEEZ’s Yunho Didn’t Know His Own Strength In Battle Against Hongjoong

“Ice packs! We need ice packs!”

ATEEZ‘s Yunho is not only the tallest of the group, but it seems he’s one of the strongest as well.


He proved his brute strength in a battle against Hongjoong that had everyone nearly in tears from laughing.

After spinning around ten times blindfolded, Hongjoong moved to attack Yunho and missed. What happened next sealed the deal for him, just not the way he’d expected.

Since Yunho was blindfolded as well, he simply struck out at Hongjoong with his inflatable sword. He knocked Hongjoong flat, making everyone burst into laughter over how it happened.

It had partly been because they were standing so close, resulting in Yunho more or less punching him. It caused Jongho to question the entire thing, “Didn’t he just whack him?” As the oldest, Seonghwa had to set the record straight:

It’s not supposed to be like this! You’re supposed to hit him with your sword not your fist!

Although Yunho explained that it wasn’t his intention for it to happen that way, it didn’t stop everyone from having a laugh while also caring for Hongjoong.

See Yunho make everyone’s day by accidentally laying Hongjoong out with his strength.

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