The Story Behind The Mysterious Message That Yang Hyun Suk And BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Left On BABYMONSTER’s Practice Room

YG stans would know.

BABYMONSTER is the latest group that is set to debut from YG Entertainment. Chiquita, Ruka, Haram, Ahyeon, Pharita, Rora, and Asa are the chosen few who will continue the company’s legacy.

Their survival program, Last Evaluation, just finished airing on YouTube. It followed the journey of the seven trainees as they performed their last challenges in singing and dancing. Only five of them were originally meant to make it to the final team.

In Episode 8, the girls were preparing for their final group dance in front of YG Entertainment staff and artists. In the middle of their practice session of a 2NE1 medley, they found a cryptic message on the white board outside their dedicated practice room.

Head producer Yang Hyun Suk and BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon co-signed a message that read: “Do you want to go home after practicing for six years?”

The message may sound confusing to some, but YG Entertainment stans would recognize it as a famous line that he once told G-DRAGON when he was still a trainee as well.

Back in 2006, BIGBANG shot their documentary, BIGBANG The Beginning, which followed the training process of six trainees—T.O.P, G-DRAGON, Seungri, Taeyang, Daesung, and eliminated trainee Hyunseung—prior to their debut. This 120-day journey was set to finalize the lineup, and even core member G-DRAGON was at risk of being dropped.

Since [Yang Hyun Suk] said that all of us can be eliminated, even the main two, Jiyong and Youngbae [G-Dragon and Taeyang] can be eliminated. I really don’t know what’s going on our CEO’s mind. He’s really hard to figure out.

— Daesung

All of this came to a head when Yang Hyun Suk threatened G-DRAGON, saying the infamous line, “Do you want to go home after practicing for six years?” The latter had trained since he was eight years old, and it was a frightening thought that his efforts would soon go down the drain.

Fortunately, all things ended well and he debuted as the leader of BIGBANG.

Almost two decades later, the same message popped up but directed towards BABYMONSTER instead. They responded in a way that showed their strong will and dedication to succeed.

I don’t want to go home.
I’ll work hard!
From BaeMon.


A few weeks later, the final lineup of BABYMONSTER was revealed: all seven trainees were set to debut. Like their senior G-DRAGON, the girls no longer need to worry about going home.

If you have yet to see it, check out the full episode below.

Source: YouTube
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