BamBam Admits Every Time He Sees This GOT7 Video It “Makes Him Want To Die”

Can you guess which video it is?

K-Pop idols have become more and more open to sharing their thoughts and feelings about everything, including the music they release. GOT7‘s BamBam recently shared that there is a song by the group that he cannot stand watching the music video for.

GOT7’s BamBam

In the latest episode of Bam House, BamBam and his guest, solo artist Choi Yena, sat in his living room and chatted about different things.

From BamBam messing up his batch of homemade beer and Yena’s hilariously honest reaction…

…to talking about their upcoming releases, with BamBam joking that if her concept doesn’t do well, he would change his own.

Continuing to talk about music, BamBam admits that he’s reluctant to participate in a release “if the song is bad.” Yena then asks if there was ever a GOT7 song that BamBam did not want to participate in.

BamBam bluntly says yes before laughing and stating, “I didn’t even want to come back with that song,” much to Yena’s amusement. While BamBam did not say which song it was, GOT7 have often talked about their dislike of “Stop, Stop It,” so this song would be a good guess of which he’s talking about!

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Yena then says she really liked a GOT7 song, and after BamBam asked which, she began singing “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

BamBam reacts by covering his face and saying, “I feel like dying while watching that music video.” “Girls, Girls, Girls” was GOT7’s debut song, and featured a “swaggy” concept that some might find embarrassing now!

Yena expresses how much she really likes the song, to BamBam’s bewilderment. The solo artist teases BamBam again, singing a part of the song’s chorus before he quickly moves on to the next subject.

BamBam’s honesty always makes for hilarious content! You can watch the full episode below.


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