Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Went On A Valentine’s Date with Fans

We can’t help but fall in love.

While many of us may have been single this Valentine’s Day, Stray Kids Bang Chan made sure that no STAY spent it alone.

Many are familiar with the weekly “Chan’s Room,” in which Bang Chan goes live, plays music, and talks to fans. It happened to fall on Valentine’s Day this week and he saw it as opportunity to give some extra love to STAYs.

Before he went live, he even asked fans on the Bubble app what they’d like to do and what he should wear for their “date.”

Upon hearing the news, many fans went to Twitter to share their plans for the date as well.

At the start of the live, we were met with a heart filter across the room only for the beloved leader to appear clearly dressed for the special day in a dapper button-up and coat.

Like the gentleman he is, he even brought chocolates and a rose!

To set the mood for the day, he selected a romantic playlist, including international hits, such as Bruno Mars‘ “Versace On The Floor” and some Ariana Grande too, of course.

It’s no surprise that this live broadcast, after just a day, has become the most viewed video on Stray Kids’ channel.

Bang Chan concluded with a sweet message of gratitude and love for all watching.

Source: Stray Kids/V LIVE

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