Bargain Shopper SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Couldn’t Let DK Get Swindled

Despite language barriers, Jeonghan can get the best discount.

When SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups, Wonwoo, and Jeonghan traveled to Indonesia, one of the things the former learned how to say was, “It’s expensive,” so he could haggle better prices.

During their trip to New York, Jeonghan put those same skills to use.

While trying on a hat from a seller on the street, DK became interested in it, asking, “How much?” As the seller stated it was $20 USD, Jeonghan was watching the whole exchange, ready to interfere.

Thinking the price was too high, DK put the hat back, turning away. That’s when the seller suggested $15 USD for it. He tried to get the seller to lower it to $10 USD but didn’t succeed until the master of discounts, Jeonghan finally jumped in.

Jeonghan threw out the numbers eleven and twelve, causing the seller to settle on $13 USD, a discount of over fifty percent but less than seventy-five.

Soon after, DK was wearing his brand new hat that was all the more precious due to Jeonghan’s haggling.

Nothing can keep Jeonghan away from securing a discount. See him haggle over DK’s hat here.