A Beauty Influencer Meets Her K-Pop Idol Doppelgänger, Who Has The Most Genuine Reaction To The Chance Encounter

“Of course I went up to her and told her my story…”

Ava Lee is a beauty influencer with over 1 million followers across her social media platforms, where she discusses skincare and beauty trends and uploads content about her everyday life.

Recently, the popular influencer had one of her childhood dreams come true when she was in Korea, and it was all thanks to legendary first-generation K-Pop idol S.E.S.‘s Bada.

Ava Lee | @glowwithava/Instagram

Ava Lee became a content creator in 2018, having previously had a background in investment banking.

Within five short years, she was able to make content creation her full-time job and even founded her own ingestible beauty brand, byAVA.

She recently shared content from her trip to Korea, including a “get ready with me” video during which she revealed how a chance encounter with S.E.S.’s Bada led to an unexpected friendship.

Ava Lee shared that growing up, and even now, people frequently told her how much she looks like the S.E.S. member, and she coincidentally ran into Bada on a trip to France earlier this year.

After telling Bada about her story and how people thought they resembled each other, the two struck up a friendship, and the K-Pop idol told Lee to message her whenever she was in Korea.

Ava Lee shared how kind Bada was to her, but she wasn’t sure if she would get a response when she reached out to the S.E.S. member after returning to Korea.

Not only did Bada respond, but she planned to get breakfast and lunch with the beauty influencer, who revealed she had listened to S.E.S., the first girl group to debut under SM Entertainment, growing up, making the invite a full circle moment for her.

Together, the two also filmed fun content for social media, showing off their close resemblance, and Ava Lee even created an official TikTok account for the OG idol.


도플갱어.잡았다 요놈!! Found my long lost doppleganger!! #doppleganger #sesbada #firsttiktok #glowwithava #도플갱어 #변신술

♬ Episode 327 – What’s Poppin? With Davis!


human vitamins 💛 #인간비타민 with my twin @BADA #twins

♬ original sound – Joeyy:)

Lee revealed how sweet Bada is, and the OG K-Pop idol has posted content with her doppelgänger on her own social media accounts, hilariously attempting to confuse fans with her unofficial “twin.

With Bada commenting on Ava Lee’s Instagram that the two will have fun again, it seems the chance encounter led to a lasting friendship.

Check out the full storytime in the video below!


it was like meeting my long lost sister. even sweeter in person 🥺 #bada #longlostsister #twinsister #avainseoul #dowelookalike

♬ original sound – AVA

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