Bebe Rexha’s Response To A Fan Asking If She Missed TXT Soobin Is Precious

MOAs can already imagine Soobin freaking out over how sweet it was.

On more than a handful of occasions, TXT‘s Soobin has shown his neverending love for American singer Bebe Rexha. It reached the point where the two were finally able to meet via a joint Instagram live, thanks to the numerous times he mentioned her music.

In Bebe Rexha’s latest Instagram live, a fan’s question about Soobin had her gushing about her number one fan.

| Big Hit Entertainment

Through the singer’s Q&A, she read aloud one that she found too adorable to pass up. Bursting into laughter and a smile, Bebe Rexha read, “You missed Soobin-ie?” She couldn’t contain her happiness at the question, “Cute!

She began by confirming what everyone already knew. “We don’t need to answer this question.” Soobin has a special place in her heart, “We all know that I love Soobin and that he is awesome.

After gushing about how great of a person Soobin was, Bebe Rexha answered the fan’s question by agreeing and blowing a kiss. “And, of course, I miss him always.” The sweet way she responded had fans happy for fanboy Soobin.

Even though he may not have seen it yet, MOAs already know he’ll be freaking out like he did when meeting her for the first time.

Check out Bebe Rexha’s sweet way of saying she missed her number one fan Soobin here.


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