Bebe Rexha Nearly Cried While Meeting TXT’s Soobin

“Let me not cry right now…”

TXT‘s Soobin finally met his idol American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha after many years.

Soobin (left) and Bebe Rexha (right)

Anyone who knows Soobin knows he is a huge fan of Bebe Rexha. With any chance he gets, he talks about how much he admires her. 

They sort of met in April 2020 via live broadcast. Yet, they hadn’t met in person. Bebe explained later that communication between her company and TXT’s company, BIGHIT MUSIC, wasn’t easy.

It seemed like Bebe and Soobin would finally meet in person at the 2022 American Music Awards (AMAs), but it didn’t happen. Still, Soobin got to see her perform live and was happy about that. Although they had hoped to meet, TXT’s flight was the day after, so they just missed each other.

Bebe quote-tweeted Soobin’s sad response realizing his missed opportunity, reassuring him they would keep in touch. She even gave this successful fan her number!

Finally, TXT returned to the United States, performing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

When Bebe heard TXT were in Los Angeles, California, she attempted to call Soobin. She shared a screenshot of a failed FaceTime call via Twitter, tagging TXT’s official account. It looked like Soobin might have missed his chance to meet his idol again…

A couple of days later, Bebe Rexha shocked everyone by posting a TikTok and photos with Soobin at her house! They were finally able to meet.

Now, Bebe Rexha has shared details about meeting Soobin.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the orange carpet for Nickelodeon‘s 2023 Kids’ Choice Awards, Bebe revealed that she invited Soobin to her house. She shared that he was just as sweet IRL as we all know him to be.

He came to my house. I invited him to my house with his team, and he was so cute. He was so sweet. He was shaking, I got a video.

— Bebe Rexha

But her interaction with him nearly made her cry when he gave her the signed TXT album because he wrote a personal message to her. Bebe realized just what a sincere fan Soobin is of hers.

He gave me a CD and he wrote the sweetest on the CD. He was like, ‘You’re my favorite popstar like I love you so much,’ and it actually made me like tear up a little bit, but I was like, ‘Let me not cry right now,’ but it was like a really surreal moment because I’ve known he’s been a fan, but he’s a true Bebe Rexha fan. He’s a Rexhar.

— Bebe Rexha

| @beberexha/Instagram

Previously, Bebe has opened up about “not being famous.” But what matters is the loyal fanbase, Rexhars, including Soobin.


I’ve been thinking about this

♬ I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta & Bebe Rexha

Of course, everyone hopes that Bebe and Soobin will now collab, so the interviewer asked when it’s happening. Yet, Bebe said that they’re building a friendship now, but a collab will happen eventually.

I haven’t talked to him about that. We’re just trying to be friends and if it happens, it happens.

— Bebe Rexha

Soobin also told the story of meeting Bebe Rexha. Read more below.

Successful Fanboy TXT’s Soobin Spills The Details On Being Invited To Bebe Rexha’s House

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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