Before McDonald’s, Burger King Was Literally The King Of K-Pop Collaborations

The King stans K-Pop royalty!

McDonald’s recently announced their collaboration with BTS known as “The BTS Meal.”

| @McDonalds/Twitter

Before McDonald’s ever revealed themselves to be an ARMY, another fast-food chain was tweeting about BTS just as much as any of us.

| @BurgerKing/Twitter

Burger King has frequently posted about BTS during comebacks and not just any old tweets… They even created their own version of BTS’s Love Yourself album designs along with a caption that only ARMY would understand.

| @BurgerKing/Twitter

Who can forget when they spilled the tea and told everyone to love themselves?

| @BurgerKing/Twitter

If you thought McDonald’s “The BTS Meal” was cool… Well, Burger King created sandwiches inspired by BLACKPINK. For Valentine’s Day, Burger King Thailand marketed “BLACK AND PINK” burgers, Black Double Grilled Onion Burger, and Pink Salmon Burger, respectively. While it was technically not an official collaboration with the group, it was definitely cool enough to be legit.

| Burger King Thailand

Similarly, in South Korea, Burger King released an upgrade of their preexisting burgers, Monster Baby and Monster. They called the new version the “Monster X” burger. The name, of course, caused many to think of MONSTA X and hoped that it meant the group would appear in commercials, but, unfortunately, they didn’t.

| Burger King Korea

Burger King has, however, actually collaborated with some K-Pop idols before. UNB and Uni.T appeared in ads for the first premium chicken burger.

Girl group DIA also were featured as models for Burger King when they were rookies.

| Burger King Korea

EXO‘s Lay is the most recent celebrity brand ambassador for Burger King China.

| Burger King China

He appears in many promotional images as well as commercials. Unfortunately, they are only shown in China.

We’re now just waiting for a Burger King and NCT collaboration…

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