2016 Vs. 2023: “Our Beloved Summer” Actor Choi Woo Shik Still Looks The Same As He Did Years Ago

Handsome as ever!

Can you believe it’s been nearly 7 years since the hit Korean film Train To Busan aired? Actor Choi Woo Shik landed one of the biggest roles of his career in this movie. And when comparing the way he looked then to now, it’s crazy that it’s like he hasn’t aged a day!

Check out what he looks like now versus then below.

“Train To Busan” (2016)

Choi Woo Shik was praised for his acting in this award-winning film starring Gong Yoo.

He played the role of a student, and with his baby face, he truly looked the part!

Boasting full lips, big eyes, and rounded cheeks, the actor practically exuded boyish charms.

“Dream” Premiere (2023)

He recently made a public appearance at the premiere of the film Dream, and it was clear that he still looks the same as he did all those years ago!

Until this day, he has the same good looking features as he did before—only now with added maturity and masculinity.

Wearing a beige knitted top over a pair of slacks, Choi Woo Shik gave off a relaxed and approachable aura.

Compared to in Train To Busan, he undoubtedly looked wiser and more experienced. But if you were to compare the two eras side by side, it would be difficult to guess that they were seven years apart!

In related news, actor Park Hyung Sik also attended the Dream premiere, and just like his friends, he barely aged! Check it out for yourself in the article below.

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