BIGBANG’s Daesung Picks Name For D’splay Subscribers

The new fandom now has a name!

It has been over a week since it was revealed that BIGBANG‘s Daesung had secretly been posting drum covers with the screen name D’splay.

On March 18, D’splay came back with another video for his subscribers!

In the video, lego “Detective Michael” is invited to speak to the fans! Michael explained that he had seen many comments under the videos asking for a name for D’splay’s subscribers!

“Michael” then went on to make his own suggestion recommending the name “D’s Guyz.”

D’splay then returned, inviting the subscribers to voice their opinions on the name or choose their own!

Fans in the comments quickly realized that the suggested name is another joke and play on the whole gimmick of Daesung and D’splay. They noticed that if you say “D’s Guyz” very quickly, it sounds exactly like the word “disguise!”

D’splay still insists that he is not Daesung and his fans are more than happy to play along with the gimmick!

  • “He is not Daesung. He’s D’splay. We are not VIPs. We are D’s Guyz.”
  • “We have a fandom name. Can we get lightstick next?”
  • “D’s Guyz? Ok, we love it. Everyone, please remember March 18 is D’s Guyz anniversary date.”