Billlie’s Tsuki And Moon Sua Are Successful Fans After Getting Work Alongside SHINee’s Key

What lucky Shawols!

Many 4th generation idols are fans of idols that have debuted before them, often citing them as why they pursued joining the entertainment industry. Some lucky ones are able to become successful fans by getting to work up close and personal with their faves, and the newest successful fans are Billlie‘s Tsuki and Moon Sua!

Billlie’s Tsuki | @billlieofficial/Twitter
Billlie’s Moon Sua | @billlieofficial/Twitter

To start, Moon Sua has previously shared that SHINee‘s Taemin is one of the role models that she looks up to the most.

While Moon Sua announced her status as a Shawol, fans discovered Tsuki’s love for the group.

Earlier this year, the Instagram account idolissue shared that Tsuki liked many SHINee posts on her personal Twitter and Instagram accounts (both share the same username, @talways_tari). Included in the account’s post were screenshots of liked Tweets and posts of SHINee over the years.

Tsuki’s Twitter likes | @idolissue/Instagram
Tsuki’s likes on Instagram | @idolissue/Instagram

The two Shawols were able to interact with SHINee’s Key more than once while filming for SBS Inkigayo on September 4th!

SHINee’s Key | Mnet

Key is currently promoting his newest track “Gasoline” and was paired with Billlie for one of the artist interview segments of the show.  During this time, Tsuki was given the chance to give a special message to Key!

Even before I debuted, I honestly used to watch a lot of sunbaenim’s videos. I’m so nervous but it is such and honor. We, Billlie, will always respect you, so I hope you love ‘RING ma Bell!’

— Billlie’s Tsuki

Key appreciated the message and even drew Tsuki up to the front to do a special message together, saying “Key and Tsuki will go down in K-Pop history!”, much to her excitement.

Not only did Tsuki get her chance to express her feelings to the idol, but Moon Sua was also able to dance alongside Key and Tsuki for two videos! The three filmed dance challenges for “Gasoline” and Billlie’s “RING ma Bell.”


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♬ RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world) – Billlie

We are so happy for these two lucky fans!