BLACKPINK “THE ALBUM” Cassette Tapes Exist In The UK And Are Ridiculously Pretty

Just when you thought “THE ALBUM” couldn’t get any more aesthetic:

BLACKPINK blessed us all when they made their highly-anticipated return on October 2 with their very first full-length album THE ALBUM. From their signature heart-stopping vocals and rap to the album design, everything about THE ALBUM was perfect.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

When the album first dropped and fans got their first look at the pure aesthetics of it, they were mesmerized by just how gorgeous it truly is. While all four incredibly beautiful versions as well as the limited edition LP of THE ALBUM have impressed fans, there’s actually another version of the album that everyone is falling in love with.

In addition to the limited edition LP, many fans recently discovered that there is one more limited-edition version — the UK cassette version!

Released only in the UK, the cassette version, like the CD versions, comes in four distinct styles each with their own gorgeous aesthetic.

With yet another aesthetic af version of THE ALBUM, fans everywhere are unsurprising falling in love with this version too with many fans crossing their fingers that it won’t just be a UK exclusive in the future.

Gorgeous aesthetics aren’t the only reason why everyone is falling in love with BLACKPINK’s THE ALBUM of course. With their heart-stopping vocals and rap skills showcased in eight amazing songs, who wouldn’t fall even harder for the powerhouse group!

Source: The Qoo (1) and (2)


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