Ariana Grande Revealed She’s Incredibly Excited To See BLACKPINK At Coachella

Ariana is a true BLINK!

Ariana Grande is excited to see BLACKPINK at Coachella and BLINKs are beyond excited too!


A few weeks ago Ariana Grande surprised fans when she not only revealed she knew about BLACKPINK, but that she was also a fan and had planned on seeing them perform at Coachella!


Although she originally revealed she was planning on seeing them on the second weekend of the music festival, she recently revealed that she had tried to see their legendary first performance too!


One BLINK excited for an interaction between them asked Ariana why she hadn’t met BLACKPINK. In response, she replied that she hadn’t been able to because they performed on different days. But she also revealed just how excited she is at the possibility of meeting them.


Hearing how excited she is to see them, BLINKs are even more hyped about seeing the two of them together!


BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande really would be amazing! In the meantime, we’ll have to wait until April 19 for BLACKPINK’s next performance!


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