BLACKPINK’s Backup Dancer Reveals What Surprised Him Most About Meeting The Members

He didn’t expect to see that side of them.

Because the BLACKPINK members have so much influence in the music and fashion industry, meeting them could be intimidating to some. The group’s BORN PINK backup dancer revealed how meeting them is different than you expect.


Dancer Will Han sat down with Heyday to share little-known facts about BLACKPINK’s world tour, including his interactions with the members. While he revealed what it was like to work with them, he also shared what surprised him most about meeting them.

At the end of every BORN PINK concert, Will Han revealed that everyone who participated celebrates with an after-party.

Despite him being an introvert, Will Han remembered the BLACKPINK members making an effort to get to know him personally and praise him for his hard work.

But the BLACKPINK members approached me first, and told me I did a great job. We had a great talk while eating together.

— Will Han

He hadn’t expected to be shown such attention from them. Will Han admitted, “I was surprised that they were so friendly to me.” That was only the beginning of BLACKPINK’s kindness.

Will Han confirmed that BLACKPINK gave every one of their staff members a pair of AirPod Max headphones, which cost over $500 USD for each pair.

When the concert in Korea was over, BLACKPINK gave Apple headphones. Yes, they gave each staff member one as a sign of appreciation. They’re so generous.

— Will Han

Not only is BLACKPINK friendly to everyone they encounter, but they’re also not shy about showing their appreciation with gifts.


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