BLACKPINK Choreographer Kiel Tutin Spills On The Full-Circle Nature Of Their “Coachella 2023” Performance

“… And nine years later…”

BLACKPINK recently headlined Coachella 2023, and fans were left in awe of their legendary performance.

BLACKPINK at “Coachella 2023” | @BLACKPINK/Twitter
| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

From the group’s stunning visuals

To their live vocals

Captivating choreography

And unexpected lyric changes, fans loved everything about the performance.

Fans also loved seeing BLACKPINK’s dancers’ energy as they captivated fans with their charisma and enjoyment of the stage. Especially one wholesome moment between BLACKPINK and their dancers backstage.

And one of the dancers might have been familiar to BLACKPINK fans.

Dancer Kiel Tutin posted to Instagram, explaining how meaningful it was to share the stage with BLACKPINK at Coachella, given that he had met the idols in 2014, back when they “dreamt of being superstars.”

Last night I danced for the 17/18 year old girls I met in 2014, who dreamt of being superstars, and 9 years later are headlining Coachella, with me as Creative Director, Choreographer (and for the hat trick) – Dancer

— Kiel Tutin’s Instagram caption

Kiel Tutin’s Instagram post | @kieltutin/Instagram

Kiel Tutin has worked with an incredible list of K-Pop artists, including Sunmi, Somi, 4MINUTE, TWICE, MONSTA X, HyunA, STAYC, aespa, Girls On Top, and ITZY

Kiel Tutin | @kieltutin/Instagram

And over the years, he has choreographed some iconic dances for BLACKPINK, including “DDU DU DDU DU” and his award-winning choreography for “Kill This Love.”

| @kieltutin/Instagram

After working with BLACKPINK for so long, it must have been a full-circle moment for Kiel Tutin to share the stage with BLACKPINK, who have undoubtedly achieved the “superstar” status they once had dreamed of.

You can read more about Kiel Tutin here.

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