BLACKPINK And Child Model Ella Gross Hung Out In LA And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Their interactions are adorable!

Whenever child model Ella Gross meets up with her BLACKPINK unnies, you know you’re in for some really adorable interactions and their latest meetup is no exception!


Last year, Ella Gross reportedly signed with The Black Label, A sub-label of YG Entertainment making her an official dongsaeng to BLACKPINK and shortly after that she posted a series of adorable photos when she met her unnies!


But it looks like these “siblings” have become even closer since then! Not only was Ella spotted at BLACKPINK’s “In Your Area” concert…


She has also spending a lot of quality time with all the members! Since BLACKPINK first landed in LA, they’ve done some sightseeing together…


Hung out…


And simply made hearts melt with all their interactions!


We can’t wait to see how many more adorable interactions they’ll have together either!


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