BLACKPINK Dropped Teasers Videos For Each Member And BLINKs Were Not Ready

BLACKPINK’s video teasers are leaving everyone gasping for breath:

Ever since their comeback was confirmed by YG Entertainment last month, BLINKs haven’t gotten a moment’s rest. First BLACKPINK dropped their individual photo teasers that were almost too hot to handle. Then their group teaser left fans gasping for breath.


On top of that, fans were hit with the tracklist for the mini album!


And now BLACKPINK have released four video teasers for each of the members and absolutely no one was ready! Following up where the teaser photos left off, each of the teaser videos features one of the members showing off a fierce and dangerous vibe.


The teasers have been making BLINKs feel all sorts of things. From extreme excitement to BLINK pride!


But one thing that everyone is feeling right now is straight up attacked! Since all four video teasers were released very close to each other, it’s almost like BLACKPINK is trying to give everyone a heart attack, and they have definitely succeeded!


While fans have already been feeling like they were ambushed by BLACKPINK, some fans have made it that much harder on their fellow fans by combining all four teasers.


BLACKPINK is set to make their comeback on April 5th and we can hardly wait. Now, excuse us while we binge watch all the teasers to help prepare our hearts for what is going to be an epic comeback!