BLACKPINK Reveals What They Really Think About Dance Cover Videos

Here’s what they said.

Whenever BLACKPINK makes a comeback, numerous cover videos by fans are released soon after. BLINKs from all around the world show their love for the girl group by learning their full choreography in record speed.

BLACKPINK during “The Show” | YG Entertainment

In an interview with Globe, the covers of two lucky Filipino dance crews were shown to the girls. BLACKPINK couldn’t stop praising them from start to finish, commenting, “Why are they so good?”, “They got great moves,” and “I think they’re professional dancers!”

The host stated that “Cover videos these days have reached another level” and BLACKPINK agreed. They had only good things to say about such content.

Jisoo was especially impressed by the overall quality of each dance cover. From the clothes to the post-production, they were all noteworthy.

They wear so many different outfits, edit like a real music video…

— Jisoo

Moreover, she commended the fans for immersing themselves into the songs that they dance to.

They even lip sync. It’s not just the choreography but even the expressions and gestures [that are so great].

— Jisoo

Lisa added that they’re all “perfection”!

So now you know—BLACKPINK loves dance covers!

Check out the videos that BLACKPINK reacted to below.


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