BLACKPINK Once “Upset” iKON’s Song, Here’s Why

The iKON members decided to tease Song!

Labelmates BLACKPINK and iKON have had some hilarious and heartwarming moments over the years, and iKON’s Song once hilariously revealed why he was “upset” at BLACKPINK.

iKON’s Song

In episode 1 of BLACKPINK HOUSE, the BLACKPINK members temporarily moved into a special pink house that YG Entertainment prepared. The members decided to make macaroons and gift them to their new neighbors!


In episode 6 of BLACKPINK HOUSE, iKON made a surprise appearance, and Song mentioned that he was “a little upset” that BLACKPINK didn’t give them any macaroons despite them being neighbors!


The other iKON members teased Song and asked him why he even brought this up!


After teasing Song, the iKON members wished BLACKPINK the best of luck!


Here are the full videos below!

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