BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals How They Feel About Being Called “The Biggest Girl Group In The World”

Jennie gave quite the answer!

It seems that BLACKPINK breaks records each time they make a comeback, and in 2020, they broke many records, such as becoming the first girl group to top the Billboard Artist 100 chart.

Due to their insane popularity and achievements, many have dubbed BLACKPINK as “The Biggest Girl Group In The World”.

BLACKPINK recently sat down for an interview with ForbesHugh McIntyre, and during it, they were asked how they felt about this title.

I have often referred to Blackpink as the biggest girl group in the world. Is that a title you all appreciate? Do you find it intimidating? How do you feel about being labeled that way?

— Hugh McIntyre


Jennie answered the question by talking about how honored they were by the title.

First of all, we’re very honored to be named the biggest girl group because we all started wanting to be that.

— Jennie


However, Jennie also humbly stated that she doesn’t see a “reality” where people actually call them this.

And it’s hard to see the reality where people actually call us that.

— Jennie


Jennie concluded by talking about how they want to continue being a group that has a positive influence and one that makes great music for their fans.

We feel very responsible…and pressure. We want to think… Even though it’s a big title and with the amount of love and support we receive… I guess we want to keep doing what we do, be a group of positive influences and keep making great music for you guys. We’re very grateful for how the world sees us and it gives us motivation

— Jennie

Source: Forbes